Call for University of Exeter Arts and Culture Fellows 2019-2020

The University of Exeter is inviting applications from freelance creative practitioners for three Creative Fellowship opportunities. Each will be an exploratory placement, lasting four to five weeks, working in an interdisciplinary context.

The University's Arts and Culture strategy, aims to ‘place creativity at the heart of all we think, imagine and do together’. The Arts and Culture Creative Fellowships are an important mechanism for putting these ambitions into practice, offering creative practitioners the opportunity to engage with innovative research across the University’s colleges and campuses.

The Creative Fellowships are open to practitioners from any artform (including visual, digital, sound and performing arts, film, literature and music). Rather than being a ‘residency’ (where an artist produces work for a host that assumes the context of audience), these opportunities are described as placements, where the cultural practitioner is a peer, producing creative outputs that support and enrich the core activity of the host (i.e. the relevant University of Exeter institute or cross-departmental group).

The three institutes/cross-departmental groups at the University who will be hosting Creative Fellows are:

  • European Centre for Environment and Human Health (Health and Environment Public Engagement Group) (Truro Campus), Fellow research theme: Public involvement in Public Health Research Knowledge mobilisation

  • Vibration Engineering/Human Movement Science (Exeter Campuses), Fellow research theme: Human Movement: Translating Data into Art

  • Bill Douglas Cinema Museum (Streatham Campus, Exeter), Fellow research theme: Embodied Viewing: Peepshows, Panoramas, Magic Lanterns and Victorian Optical Devices

Interview dates for the Fellowship opportunities will be as follows:

  • European Centre for Environment and Human Health (Health and Environment Public Engagement Group): Tues 22 or Wed 23 October, Truro Campus, Cornwall

  • Vibration Engineering/ Human Movement Science: Tues 29 October (afternoon), St Luke’s Campus, Exeter

  • Bill Douglas Cinema Museum: Wed 30 October (afternoon), Streatham Campus, Exeter

To download more details about the Creative Fellow role, the three Creative Fellowship opportunities and how to apply, please click here.

Applications close on Wednesday 16 October 2019.

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