Exeter Culture is dedicated to bringing together people from across a broad range of cultural activities to create the right climate in which creative energies can thrive. 

We believe creative activity is a form of conversation. By joining existing ideas together in new ways, we can find different solutions to challenges.

By working together we will grow the opportunity for arts and cultural practitioners and producers to create distinctive work, and ensure it reaches a diverse audience.

Exeter is a city with a rich cultural history and an exciting cultural future. Success will lie in recognising our unique strengths and inheritances and growing them into the new possibilities including those provided by technological developments.

We will work to ensure that cultural practitioners are connected up with the wide-ranging, world-class learning and research organisations crucial to Exeter’s future and distinctive identity.  

We will grow and support investment in the arts through knowledge exchange and targeted interventions and advocacy. By listening to everyone involved in cultural activities in the city, we will help to grow a sustainable and diverse cultural ecology. This will raise Exeter’s profile as a place where heritage, creative industries, learning and arts organisations work together to embody the best in contemporary culture.