Exeter Culture supports events exploring best practice in culture-led cities across the world. Exeter Culture is delighted to be part of the Innovations in Socially Engaged Universities Erasmus project as part of the University of Exeter’s lead role. The other partners, all members of the EUniversities Network, include the University of Delft, University of Ghent, University of Magdeburg and University of Parma.

This new Erasmus project begins in December 2018 with a meeting at the University of Exeter. 

Community research and creative consultation is central to this Erasmus project, with its enquiry concentrating on how we can ensure arts and culture are integrated within the city’s broader strategic planning while attracting and retaining creative talent.

Updates on plans for the project will appear here from January 2019 onwards.

Exeter Culture’s
International Conference

We are planning an international place-based arts and culture cities conference for early 2020. Please sign-up to our mailing list to receive more information.