At Exeter Culture, we believe that creative activity happens through conversation and collaboration. That by joining existing ideas together in new ways and finding different solutions to the same old challenges, we can make the 'what if..?' ambitions a reality.

Exeter is a city with a rich cultural history and an exciting cultural future. Success will lie in recognising our unique strengths and inheritances, and growing them into new possibilities provided by a shared vision, technological developments and thinking outside the box.

By working together, we will increase opportunities for arts and cultural practitioners and producers to create distinctive work, and ensure it reaches a diverse audience.

Our aims:

We want to attract and retain creative talent. Exeter Culture will contribute to a rich and growing creative ecosystem - learning to carry our city forward together, by sharing our ideas and skills across art forms and disciplines. 

Exeter Culture is international and diverse in outlook. We will grow and support investment in arts and heritage through knowledge exchange, targeted interventions and advocacy.

We aim to embed arts and culture in all aspects of life, by ensuring they are integrated within the city’s broader strategic planning through the implementation of a new place-based Arts & Cultural Strategy.

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Creating Exeter's Arts & Cultural Strategy

A key priority for Exeter Culture is the commissioning of the first Place-based Arts & Cultural Strategy for the city. Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been commissioned to produce the new Strategy. TFCC has an international reputation for delivering strategy and policy leadership across the creative, cultural and arts sectors. With a portfolio spanning over 80 countries, 200 cities and countless institutions and creative details, TFCC’s technical expertise and strategic thinking helps position culture and creativity at the heart of society. 

Exeter Culture, Maker In Focus, Blind Ditch

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Blind Ditch

Blind Ditch are a small group of artists who collaborate with associate artists, creative technologists and other experts to make site-based performance, art and cultural events. Core team members Paula Crutchlow and Volkhardt Müller are Exeter residents, and the group are invested in the city and the wider South West region as co-workers and colleagues in cultural production, and artist-advocates for the rural and experimental. They also make work with national and international collaborators, taking inspiration from their activities and staging events beyond the region.


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Small team, big network, even bigger ambition!

We're a small core team working hard to forge and nurture connections, initiate and facilitate conversations, and encourage and enable collaboration. 

Supported by a new collaboration between stakeholders University of Exeter, Exeter City Council, InExeter (the city’s business improvement district) and Exeter College, as well as funding from Arts Council England, Exeter Culture is here to improve the resilience and ambition of Exeter’s arts and cultural sector by creating new connections that define the city’s future.

Together, with the city’s creative practitioners and cultural organisations, we will shape a vibrant, creative and culturally rich quality of life for those who live, work and visit Exeter.

We want to attract and retain creative talent. Exeter Culture will contribute to a rich and growing creative ecosystem. We aim to embed arts and culture in all aspects of life. Exeter Culture is international and diverse in outlook.



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