Q. Are you a funding body?

A. No, we do not accept funding applications and do not have funds to share with other organisations or practitioners.


Q. How are you funded? Where do you get your money from?

A. We are funded by five organisations: Arts Council England, University of Exeter, Exeter City Council, Exeter College and InExeter. We are funded for a particular programme of work until June 2020. The programme of activity was agreed by the previous Steering Group of Exeter Cultural Partnership (Exeter Culture’s old name) in July 2017.


Q. Who decides how to spend your funding?

A. The Director works closely with the Steering Group Members to make sure the money is being spent SMARTly and in line with the agreed programme of work. It is audited by the University of Exeter, where the post of Director is hosted.

Q. Why have you rebranded/created a new website?

A. Previously we were known as Exeter Cultural Partnership, but the new Steering Group agreed a change of name to Exeter Culture, to both align ourselves with our colleagues at Plymouth Culture and Torbay Culture, and to show that we are an open group. You don’t need to be a ‘partner’ to be Exeter Culture - anyone who cares about arts and culture in Exeter is Exeter Culture. Keep in touch and get involved.